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auschwitz boston,ma castle at park plaza black and white drawingEarly Beginnings:

During Boston’s late 19th-century architectural boom, The Castle at Park Plaza first arose. Originally built in 1891 as the Armory of the First Corps of Cadets, the structure housed Massachusetts’ elite cadets’ military training facilities.

Renowned architect William Gibbons Preston crafted the building, imbuing it with a distinct medieval appeal reminiscent of European castles. Its imposing facade and intricate detailing showcased the architectural prowess of the time, earning it the apt nickname “The Castle.”

Adaptive Reuse and Transformation:

With changing military needs in the mid-20th century, The Castle underwent a transformation. As the military presence decreased, the structure found a new purpose, hosting parties and social gatherings. This adaptive reuse, maintaining its historic elegance while adapting to Boston’s shifting social dynamics, breathed new life into The Castle.

Boston, MA castle at park plaza black and white photoPark Plaza Renaissance:

The 1970s witnessed a pivotal moment in The Castle’s history. It became an integral part of the Park Plaza complex, an ambitious redevelopment project revitalizing the surrounding area. Seamlessly integrating into the vibrant fabric of Park Plaza, The Castle contributed to the area’s emergence as a cultural and entertainment hub.

Restoration and Modern Luxury:

The late 20th century saw a renewed focus on preserving Boston’s architectural heritage. The Castle at Park Plaza underwent a meticulous restoration, aiming to retain its historic allure while incorporating modern amenities and luxury touches. The result? An elegant fusion of old-world charm and contemporary sophistication.

Today’s Iconic Landmark:

In the 21st century, The Castle at Park Plaza stands as an iconic landmark, offering a glimpse into Boston’s renowned history. Impeccably preserved architecture, featuring unique towers and medieval-inspired embellishments, serves as a visual tribute to the city’s past.


The Castle at Park Plaza in Boston is a unique venue known for hosting diverse art and historical exhibitions throughout the year. Currently, it is proud to present the world-renowned traveling exhibition, “Auschwitz. Not Long Ago. Not Far Away.” This poignant exploration of the Holocaust showcases over 700 authentic artifacts from the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and other institutions, making its New England premiere in Boston on March 16th.

Witnessing these rarely displayed artifacts offers a powerful reminder of the human spirit’s enduring strength amidst one of history’s most tragic periods.

Notable Events and Celebrations:

Over the years, The Castle at Park Plaza has served as the backdrop for countless significant events, including high-profile galas, weddings, and corporate functions. Its vast interior spaces and timeless ambiance have welcomed dignitaries, celebrities, and discerning guests searching for an exceptional setting for their grand occasions.

castle at park plaza boston, maKey Amenities and Features:

Beyond its historical significance, The Castle offers a range of amenities catering to the modern traveler. From restaurants showcasing Boston’s culinary excellence to cutting-edge event spaces, the establishment ensures a seamless blend of history and contemporary luxury.

In the heart of Boston’s bustling landscape, The Castle at Park Plaza stands as a living testament to the city’s rich history and architectural legacy. From its beginnings as a military arsenal to its current state as an extraordinary events venue, The Castle has transformed with the times while maintaining its unique character. As visitors step into this establishment, they embark on a journey through Boston’s past, present, and future, witnessing the harmonious coexistence of modernism and tradition at The Castle at Park Plaza.